Hi there!

My name is Mallory Joki, but I also go by Mal Mal. I am a Portland painter, illustrator, and graphic designer. I am inspired to illustrate, animate, and make design and design systems fun! Playful, psychedelic, and bright are the styles I aspire to represent in my artwork. When it comes to finding inspiration, I find myself looking for new music, going outside, or putting down shapes and seeing where they go.
I love being crafty, especially with acrylic paint. As a painter, I enjoy using paint in many different forms, from line painting to acrylic pour painting. I mix my knowledge of both physical and digital art to make my work stand out and to make both forms more exciting. Exploring colors is key to my artistic process, as color is my passion, and my goal is to brighten the world with my creations.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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